Maungarangi Trust


The Maungarangi Trust is established by Trust Order dated 2 March 2011 under S219 of Te Ture Whenua Maori Act 1993.

The Trust came about following the aggregation of 8 separate land titles into one Trust.  The original blocks were

Maungarangi B1R
Maungarangi B2E
Maungarangi B3A
Maungarangi B3C
Maungarangi B3D
Maungarangi B3E
Maungarangi B3F
Maungarangi B4


The Trust block comprising 110 ha is located on Maungarangi Road near Paengaroa.  The property is leased to local farmers for a 5 year term from 26 June 2012.


The Trusts assets are vested in 6 trustees who have been elected by the owners and appointed by the Maori Land Court.  It is the trustees' responsibilty to manage the Trust's assets in accordance with the Trust Order for the benefit of all the owners.


The current trustees are:
Teia Williams (Chairman)
Michael Rangi
Hinemoa Koiauruterangi
Ken Dinsdale
Hori Ahomiro
Wharekonehu Te Moni

The Trust Secretary is Martin Kinder.

Trust Advisers:
The trustees employ advisers to assist them from time to time in various specialist areas.  They are:
Accountants:                Deloitte
Solicitors:                     Lance Lawson (Mr Dennett)
Farm Consultants:       AgFirst Consultants


The last general meeting was held on 1 December 2012.
Future general meetings will be held at least every 3 years as required in the Trust Order.


Shareholders requiring a copy of the latest annual report should contact the Secretary's office.



At the 2012 general meeting the shareholders supported the trustees' recommendation to make a one off kaumatua grant payment of $100 to all shareholders aged 60 and over. 
That grant was paid in December 2012.  If you have not received the grant please contact the Secretary's office.