Ngahuinga Motumako Lands Trust


The Ngahuinga Motumako Lands Trust is established under S438 of the Maori Affairs Act. The trust lands were vested in trustees by the Maori Land Court on 2 August 1991.The trust continues as an Ahu Whenua Trust under the Te Tura Whenua Maori Act 1993. The Trust Lands comprising some 1492 ha near Murupara. The trust also owns a commercial property in Murupara and the former Murupara Motor Camp site


The Trusts assets are vested in 5 trustees who have been elected by the owners and appointed by the Maori Land Court . The trustees remain as trustees for their lifetimes or until they resign. It is the trustee’s responsibility to manage the trusts assets in accordance with the trust Order for the benefit of all the owners.


The current trustees are:

 Patrick McManus (Chairman)
 Maurice ToeToe
 Rangi Anderson
 Hahona Anderson

 Martin Kinder (Deloitte)

Trust Advisers
The trustees employ advisers to assist them from time to time in various specialist areas.  They are:
 Accountants:  Deloitte
 Solicitors:       Lance Lawson, Graeme Dennett.


The trusts assets comprise:

Forest lease.  The trust land of 1492 ha is leased to OTTP New Zealand Forest Investments Limited. The lease commenced in 1982 and expires in 2072. The annual rental is reviewed in line with the Consumers Price Index

Murupara Motor campsite.  This property situated in Murupara is owned by the Trust.  Since December 2009 the property has been leased to Mana Aki Limited.



Copies of full Annual Reports and Financial statements are available at the General Meetings, and are available to owners on request from the secretary’s office >contact us



The 2003 strategic plan set out a broad framework of distribution.  The trustees have agreed on a distribution policy to allocate net profit after tax as follows:

  • 65% to dividends
  • 20% to re-investment
  • 15% to discretionary grants

 An annual dividend is paid out to all shareholders for whom the secretary has bank account details following the Annual General Meeting.


The Tangiharuru Apa Trust holds 83706 shares (41%) out of the 205716 shares in the trust.

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