Paritangi Trust


The Paritangi Maori Lands Trust exists by Trust Order dated 3 September 2004 pursuant to an Ahu Whenua Trust under the Te Ture Whenua Maori Act 1993.

The Trust is formed by the aggregation of the Rotoiti 3W3, 3W4, 3W5 & 3W6 blocks.

The Trust’s Lands comprising some 81ha are located on Rotoehu Road on the northern edge of Lake Rotoiti . The block is leased to a local farmer for a 9-year term from 25 September 2009 .

The trustees have an agreement with Environment Bay of Plenty regarding a Land Management plan which has retired and fenced off  6.03 hectares of land adjacent to the lake edge from the remainder of the trust block.   That part of the land is also protected under a kawenata with Nga Whenua Rahui.  A plan of the trust block is available here.

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The Trusts assets are vested in 2 trustees who have been elected by the owners and appointed by the Maori Land Court . The trustees remain as trustees for their lifetimes or until they resign. It is the trustee’s responsibility to manage the trusts assets in accordance with the trust Order for the benefit of all the owners.


The current trustees are:-

Rangihaumate Anderson

Davey Henare Gardiner

Ivor Jones


The Trusts secretary is Martin Kinder who takes care of the day to day administration.

Trust Advisers

The trustees employ advisers to assist them from time to time in various specialist areas. They are:-

Accountants:  Deloitte

Solicitors:       Lance Lawson

Valuers:          Reid & Reynolds Ltd


The last general meeting was held on 29 May 2004 and are held three yearly. The next meeting will be in 2011. Copies of the report and financial statements presented to the 2004 general meeting are available to trust shareholders from the Secretary’s office.

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