Rotoiti 3V3 Trust


The Trust's assets are vested in trustees who have been elected by the owners and appointed by the Maori Land Court.  The trustees remain as trustees for their lifetime or until they resign.  It is the trustees' responsibility to manage the Trust's assets in accordance with the Trust Order for the benefit of the owners. 
Current Trustees:
John Treanor (Chair)
Willie Rapana
Tony Whata
Arapeta Tahana
Phyllis Tangitu
Martin Kinder (Deloitte)
Trust Advisers:
The Trustees employ advisers to assist them from time to time in various specialist areas.  They are:
Accountants:  Deloitte
Solicitors:  Dennetts
Forestry Consultants:  Forest & Woodlot Limited


The Rotoiti 3V3 Trust is established by Trust Order dated 19 August 1986 under S438 of the Maori Affairs Act.  It continutes as an Ahu Whenua Trust under Te Tura Whenua Maori Act 1993.
The Trust's lands comprising 325.1016ha are located on Lichenstein Road on the northwestern side of Lake Rotoiti.  The block is planted in pinus radiata and is being harvested in 2010/2011.


A meeting of shareholders is held annually.  The most recent meeting was on 9 September 2017.
Shareholders may contact the Secretary's office for a copy of the annual report.