Rotoiti 6 & 7B1 Trust


The Rotoiti 6 &7B1 Trust is established by Trust Order dated 5 July 1989 under S438 of the Maori Affairs Act. It continues as an Ahu Whenua Trust dated 10 June 2008 under the Te Ture Whenua Maori Act 1993.

The Trust’s Lands comprising some 157ha are located on Rotoehu Road on the northern edge of Lake Rotehu. The block is leased to the neighbouring Tautara Matawhaura Trust for 6 years from 15 August 2008.

The trustees have an Agreement dated 2 March 2007 with Environment Bay of Plenty regarding a Land Management plan that has retired, replanted and fenced off land adjacent to the lake edge from the remainder of the trust block. These proposals were approved at the 2004 General Meeting of owners. In July 2004 the Maori Land Court granted the trustees application to create Maori Reservations over two separate areas comprising 81a and 19ha. The trust also has an agreement with Nga Whenua Rahui to secure funding to complete the fencing and replanting.