Whangamoa Trust


The Whangamoa Trust is established under S438 of the Maori Affairs Act.
It continues as an Ahu Whenua Trust under the Te Tura Whenua Maori Act 1993.

Originally known as the Rotoiti 1B trust, the name of the block was changed by the Maori Land Court to Rotoiti 17. To avoid any confusion the trustees decided in 2000 to change the name of the trust to Whangamoa Trust.

The Trust Lands comprising some 190 ha are located at Otaramarae at the western end of Lake Rotoiti .

There are 49 leasehold sections, 160ha is leased as a farm and the trust has a small forest woodlot of 9ha The trust also owns a commercial property in Te Ngae Rd , Rotorua.